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ZDDL Season 4
IRC: irc.quakenet.org #zddl
Sign ups: off

Rate yourselves!2011-03-26 11:17 | Hatred
Hey folks, I thought it would be fun for everyone to rate themselves as duel players. It's not official and we're hoping to avoid some flaming (although a little trash talk is never frowned upon). However, we are interested to see what you, the people, think about your game and what division it belongs in. So go ahead and lay it out and have some fun while doing it! Post can be found here:

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ZDDL season 4 map pool vote2011-03-18 20:44 | JKist3
The voting for ZDDL season 4 maps has now begun. To vote simply login to the zddl forums and cast your vote in the map vote thread. If you are new to this, you may have to create a ZDDL forum account. If you already have an account but can't remember your password, simply contact an admin to have them reset it.

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ZDDL 4 sign ups2011-03-05 23:22 | JKist3
Hey everyone,

Season 4 will be starting in April and sign-ups are now open!

We should have a great league for you this season with a larger map pool, new scheduling styles, cash prizes for the winners, coverage from tastyspleen.tv, and a few more surprises :).

For those new to the fun, you must first register an account with the site and then go to sign ups in order to be officially signed up for season 4. For those of you who are returning participants, please sign up under your old accounts. If you have forgotten your password or would like a name change, message an admin on #ZDDL in irc.quakenet.org and we will be glad to help you.

Best of luck to everyone!
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JKist3 vs DevastatioN - Finals2010-01-12 17:37 | Hatred
There is absolutely no question that this match-up includes 2 of the top 5
players in the last decade, possibly in the history of DooM2 itself. This
Saturday will feature JKist3's graceful, strategical quick-strike attack against
DevastatioN's gritty, slow-it-down offense. When it comes to aim, DevastatioN
holds that advantage; when it comes to speed and pure movement, JKist3 leads
the way in that category. Both players will put their experience, will and
commitment to victory on the line Saturday to determine who is this seasons
ZDaemon Duel League Champion, and quite possibly one of the best, if not,
the best player(s) of this decade.

JKist3 may possibly be the most versatile player in ZDaemon's history as well.
Not only was he last Seasons 1st place champion (as well as a second place finish
to chewy in season1) but he has also claimed 2 MasterBowl titles in the Winter-
Summer 2009 IDL seasons playing for SUC. But clearly his M.O is in the dueling

DevastatioN is no slouch either. He has just as much big-game experience as
JKist3, except his experiences are on a completely different level. Taking part
in 3 major LAN events (1 for the original DooM2.exe and 2 for ZDaemon),
DevastatioN took second place to Ocelot (arguably .exes greatest player)
in 2003, winning the tournament in LANada in 2006 over a red-hot up-and-
coming group and taking 2nd place to Hatred at the peak of his dueling career
the following year at AtLANtica in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has also
been successful in the ZDaemon tournament category as well winning an
SSL2 tournament, a judas among many others (note-to-self, there are plenty
of other zd tournaments he--as well as JKist3--has won but due to zd records
being unavailable, the rest can not be provided other than the ones from recent

Although DevastatioN has joined JKist3's New School clan, he is one of the
most outspoken OS players in the history of DooM2 and ZDaemon. Whereas
JKist3 is one of the most outspoken NS players in the history of DooM2 and
ZDaemon. Both still remain good friends nonetheless, but a battle between
two totally opposite backrounds makes this match-up even more intriguing.

According to most, JKist3 is the favorite. But you can never count out
DevastatioN from anything with his knowledge and understanding of the game.
So be there on Saturday, coverage with myself (Hatred) and Jehar will begin
around 1:15pm. Don't be a dick, you wouldn't want to feel silly to find out you
may have missed the greatest match-up of the decade on Saturday. We'll all be
there, and so should you! Saturday, Jan. 16th at 1:30pm EST. Over and out.
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Playoffs2009-12-14 07:14 | DevastatioN
Hello all,

By now the first round of the playoffs should be completed. If they are not, you should work on getting them completed as soon as possible.

Just a reminder, Round 2 and later are ALL played best of FIVE. Meaning all maps are played.

Good luck everyone.

-Chris "DevastatioN" Felix
Information Officer
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