It felt great to be back at Quakecon 2019 to see all of my friends again, meet other friends for the first time and even make new friends!  Was also great to see numerous DooM 2 tournaments at the event to compete in.

Some of the highlights were getting to meet Ms. X, a famous Quake player as well as MissVespite, a doom/quake streamer and also KovaaK, a legendary Quakeworld player.  Unfortunately at the time I was chatting with Kovaak he didn’t tell me it was him… so will get his autograph next year 🙂

Seeing everyone again at this amazing event re-invigorated me to play Quake again, so I’ve been playing Quake Champions a ton as well as some DooM 2.  I also hope to release analysis of my duel matches at Quakecon as many people have been asking me for that.

Here are some photos!