Category: Diabotical

Organ Grinder 4 – DevastatioN vs Flame

Taking part in the fourth Organ Grinder event, put on by our friends at Tastyspleentv! This time I’ll be playing Diabotical! Flame and I have been playing Diabotical together for a little while, meeting each other in the Diabotical District discord channel while competing in their events. We have opposing styles, he enjoys being super…

Diabotical Frag Video by Me!

Checkout a frag video I made from my first few months of playing Diabotical! Don’t play? Want to play? Check out, it’s free! Play but want to improve? Check out!

Highlight on Diabotical District

Throwing a highlight out on an amazing community called Diabotical District! A community to help others learn the game of diabotical, especially duel. You can find coaches and chat with others of your own skill level on discord. Check-out their website for lots of learning resources. They also run leagues and tournaments aimed at…

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