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Organ Grinder 1 – DevastatioN vs Hatred

Taking part in the first Organ Grinder event, put on by our friends at Tastyspleentv! Hatred and I go way back and were rival players in the mid-2000s, competing at LANADA 2006, AtLANtica 2007 and also numerous playoff matches in the ZDaemon Duel League between 2007 and 2009! You check out the recording from the…

Historic ZDaemon Duel League Records

Remember the ZDaemon Duel League? The records are back! The website is still hosted by myself, and you can browse it all at the following link:

Won the Quakecon @ Home DooM II Cup

It’s been a while, but here we are! Due to COVID-19, Quakecon 2020 became the Quakecon @ Home event over Discord. The team did a really great job of capturing the atmosphere of Quakecon and I was glad to be part of it! I managed to win the Tastycups QCon@Home DOOM II Cup! You can…

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