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ZDDL Season 4
IRC: irc.quakenet.org #zddl
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ZDDL Season 3 playoffs2009-11-21 17:52 | JKist3
Playoffs start December 1st. Matches not played by then will be forfeited. So finish up your regular season games!
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Here We Go! League Start!2009-10-04 18:53 | DevastatioN
Divisions are now finalized (maybe one more change or two but most likely not), schedules are being created as we speak, and your 5th map is King1.wad Map1 !!!

Your map pool is as follows:

DooM2 Map1
Dwango5.wad Map1
Judas23_.wad Map23
Dwango5.wad Map7
King1.wad Map1

Once the schedules are made, you are free to start scheduling your games, the minimum is one game played per each week. If you cannot make this, please notify an admin via e-mail, or forums, or IRC, or to request an extension. You are expected to stop by irc.quakenet.org #zddl and the forums at a regular basis for information and finding opponents.

If you and your opponent have a concrete time slot planned, please post it in the Schedules forum, your game may then be chosen to be broadcasted live over the internet with commentary! I can't think of any better way to improve than having it broadcasted and getting feedback and listening to commentary!

You can check www.tastyspleen.tv for schedules on what is being broadcasted and what is scheduled to be broadcasted, if you are scheduled to be broadcasted and no notification is given to the admins on a game cancellation, whoever does not show up for that game will forfeit the match (can be disputed on extreme cases).

Our opening event will be Tuesday night, which will be a broadcasted fragfest where ALL PLAYERS ARE WELCOME, for more information please checkout the ZDaemon forums at http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=12832

You may start finding opponents and scheduling games once the schedules are posted, you do NOT have to play in the given order on the schedule, but you must play everyone you are scheduled to play.

There will be prizes for division 1 top players after playoffs, the prize distribution is as follows:

1st - $250 USD
2nd - $100 USD
3rd - $50 USD

Good luck to everyone!

-Chris "DevastatioN" Felix
Information Officer
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League Start Approaching!2009-10-03 09:03 | DevastatioN
Hello again everyone!

The league should be starting sometime next week, this means we need to get quite a few things done in a short period of time, and one of those things is MAP VOTING!

The vote, located on the right side of this page, has currently 20 votes, and there are 48 players signed up, and more than that have accounts on this site. This is around 40% vote turnout.

So everyone reading this, get to voting so we can finalize the league! Everyone should be stopping by #zddl on irc.quakenet.org at least once in a while to check for updates. The draft divisions have been posted here: http://pastebin.com/m90671f3

I'd also like to announce for those who do not know, www.tastyspleen.tv will be broadcasting and shoutcasting our league matches live over the internet. Special thanks to Jehar, who runs tastyspleen, and is a Quakelive.tv member, for providing this service.

This also means that we should be pretty strict on scheduling our matches. If you schedule a match with an opponent at a given time, please announce it in the forums, this will give us the best chances of broadcasting your game live over the internet. And if you schedule, please show up, or at least announce that you're postponing the scheduled game, if a game is finalized and scheduled, and it is to be casted and you do not show up without letting us know, a forfeit will be the most likely outcome.

So everyone, we got live streams to watch games, we got the map vote up, we got the draft divisions up, so let's get things moving, if you have any concerns please feel free to e-mail us, leave a message on the forum, or stop by IRC.

-Chris "DevastatioN" Felix
Information Officer
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How to Sign-up2009-09-14 10:24 | DevastatioN
To sign-up for the league you must have a website league account. If you do not have one, on the left side menu there is a "register" option where you can create an account.

Please do not create multiple accounts, or if you do please notify the administrators via forums, private message, or e-mail. Hiding multiple accounts may result in disqualification from the league.

You can use the "Users" menu to see if you already have created an account on the website. Name changes and password resets can be done via private messaging, or e-mailing, an administrator.

Once you have an account click the "Sign-Ups" menu option on the left, then press the "Sign-Up!" button at the top of the page.

If for any reason you have to revoke your registration from the league, or can no longer participate, please notify an administrator. We put a lot of effort into this league, members who continually fail to play their matches may be restricted from entering future leagues.

If you require further assistance, feel free to post on our forums and the admins will be happy to assist you.

Good luck everyone!

-Chris "DevastatioN" Felix
Information Officer
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Season 3 Sign-ups now open!2009-09-10 13:22 | DevastatioN
Hello everyone,

Season 3 will be taking place soon, and sign-ups are now open as of today!

More information will be available soon, we should have quite an exciting lineup in store. We also hope as many people as possible will take part!

-Chris "DevastatioN" Felix
Information Officer
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